Door Number 3 Theatre started with 3 people

Door Number 3 started with 3 people from Portland, Oregon committed to bringing their unique brand of theatre to Los Angeles. Dn3 is a non-profit organization that gives the LA community an opportunity to express or feel the true impacts of events that have an impact to our everyday lives.

Dn3 desires to create an environment where artistic expression delivers curiosity, empathy, and laughter and tears by taking risk in seeing the often darker side and/or more comedic side to events by delivering a raw message.


Door Number 3 seeks to create a community of members who can discuss the productions' messaging and real-life issues it reflects to create a more open-minded and collaborative community.


We are a 501C3 Non Profit corporation who’s mission is to inspire audiences to engage in empathy, passion, and dialogue by producing professional theatre of classic and modern plays that reflect our community and the world we live in.

Tim True

In 2005, Tim and a group of New York transplants who had settled in Portland, Oregon
founded the regional theatre...

Britt Harris

Britt Harris holds a Bachelors degree in both Theatre and Accounting and has been working
professionally in the performing...


Csaba Mera

Csaba’s mother was a well-known actress in his native Hungary and served as an inspiration for his lifelong support and passion for...

Val Stevens

Valerie is excited to join the theater community in Los Angeles during this creative and turbulent time. She is committed to creating theater...


Laura Faye Smith

Laura Faye Smith spent most of her career as an actress in Portland, Oregon, but is thrilled to now be a California resident...

Meet the Team